Johanna Koelman tekening leeuw en welp
Tekening Johanna Koelman Witte Kraanvogel
Johanna Koelman Tekeningen van beer en uil

I’ve been drawing as long as I can remember. I always wanted to become an artist, but apparently I had to walk a different path, for when I was a girl of 17, I found myself already working in an advertising agency. That was a long time ago. Then art directors still had to make their own sketches and I was drawing every single day. Loved it!

And now a few years later, I still draw every day. The animals and birds around the Zwet (the lake behind my house) is my biggest source of inspiration

My daily drawings are a way to tune in to the day. How do I feel? How is the world doing? And how are you?! I will always try to touch you in a way, to make you smile, to comfort you or to help you to check for yourself…how am I today?

Your favorite bear on the wall?

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Bear with me Today

After my daily Tai Chi and Qigong I make a text and a drawing.
All these drawings you can see on Instagram and Facebook Great if you follow me.

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Drawing of today
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Since 2012 I put all my free hours, a lot of love and attention in my daily drawings. Drawings that I make and then selflessly share with the world.

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Your support means everything to me!

Het Zwet

6 of the more than 800 drawings of Het Zwet, the lake behind my house. Go to: for all drawings

Rup de Reiger

Published 2 children’s books starring Rup de Reiger. For sale in the FanShop


Can you make
a website for me?

Can you makea website for me?

What is a concept?
And what can you do with it?

What is a concept?  And what can you do with it?

The nature of the beast

The nature of the beast

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Let a video do the work

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Learn how to be creative