Learn how to be creative

Bear and Owl drawing workshop. I have been teaching at the School for Tai Chi Chuan in Amsterdam for several years now. Tai Chi is a very good method to tune in to your creativity. That is why I give workshops in which I combine Tai Chi with drawing and writing. If you want to [...]

Commercial break!

Trying to show 30 years of prize-winning work for top brands such as Heineken, Albert Heijn in a few minutes is actually impossible. But what the heck...that’s life. MY TALENTS Can you makea website for me? What is a concept? And what can you do with it? The nature of the beast Let a video [...]

Let a video do the work

Anything moving, images or sound, catches attention and has impact. Video can apply specific nuances, tell a story that touches and captures hearts. But trust me, not every video does the job. Moving images and sound are not the only ingredients for success. You also need someone to translate your story into a video and [...]

What is a concept?
And what can you do with it?

Whether it is about creating a project, a website or a video, I always start by searching for the “concept”. A concept is a creative idea, that works like a compass and gives direction to everything that you want to do… not only when developing communication tools, but also when inventing new products or services, [...]

What can I do for you?

Hello Welcome to my website. I hope you’ll give yourself some time to have a look around. In the first 10 seconds of visiting a page, users make the crucial decision to stay or to leave. So my first impression had better be good. Yes, we all know something about people's behavior on the internet, [...]

Can you make
a website for me?

 www.koenhazewinkel.org The short answer is: YES, I can. The real answer is: it is a process that we undertake together. The process: First, I am going to LISTEN to you very carefully. What is your story? Why do people come to you? And how can we help them to find you? When I know enough, [...]