Since 2012, I put all my free hours, a lot of love and attention into my daily drawings. Drawings that I make and then selflessly share with the world.

But I also make books, which are for sale in my fan shop, as well as prints and original drawings. Take a look around, maybe there is something for you!

Your favorite bear on the wall

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Constant Bear and the Looking Owl

100 days, 100 bears
A daily Tai Chi exercise “100 days, 100 bears” inspired me to draw a bear every day. The result, 100 drawings. All 100 are in this book. (English)

Adopt a bear

Original bear drawing for free
A few of my first 100 bears still haven’t found a good home.
Do you have a spot on the wall?

Bear of the Day

100 constant bears and a looking owl
Part 2. More bears in a book.
This time I decided to use my brand new iPad Pro,
The result is much more color and a completely different series than the first 100 bears. (English)

Rup en de Vreemde Vogel

It’s Christmas at the Zoo.
Rup, a Heron, makes a round in the garden to wish everyone a Merry Christmas. When he returns to his nest, a special surprise awaits him. (Dutch)

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Bear of the Month

Selected by my followers
For a special price

Rup en een Geheime Liefde

The animals in the zoo where Rup the Heron has been voluntarily locked up are on a path of love. And what about Rup? What do we actually know about his love life? (Dutch)

365 days 'het Zwet'

Curated and powered by fans of the Zwet. By adopting one or more drawings, they determined what the book will look like. Each adopted drawing is shown in large format, with the name of the adopter attached. In total, 168 drawings were adopted.


The nature of the beast

The nature of the beast

My Talents

My Talents

Wat is a concept?
And what can you do with it?

Wat is a concept?  And what can you do with it?

Can you make
a website for me?

Can you makea website for me?

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Let a video do the work

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